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Some Of Our Flat Roof Replacement Systems In dundee

Flat roof replacements in Dundee are a speciality project and only trained and accredited installers should be employed to fit any type of flat roof to your property in Dundee.

By contacting our expert flat roof installers for a free survey we can explain the various systems best suited to your flat roof. Whether it be at your home or workplace can fit the best possible finish in a variety of high tec systems. 

Our trained and accredited flat roof installers can fit systems such as:

Firestone Rubber Roofing

Firestone Epdm Rubber Roof is one of the leading and most cost efficient systems available on the market today, manufactured by Firestone who make millions of vehicle tyres per year this system is highly robust and can be fitted to flat roofs in a single piece with no need for joins or seams, bonded to new deckboards with a high strength adhesive there is no requirement for any heat to be applied which minimises risks of fire or burning etc. Firestone Rubber Flat Roofing comes with a 20 year warranty on labour and materials making it one of the best choices for flat roofing available today.

Torch on Felt

Torch on felt flat roofing is one of the oldest and relied upon systems available today, although we have moved on to more modern systems such as firestone rubber and fibreglass grp we still use torch on felt regularly as its one of the more cost efficient systems around. By fitting a 3 layer torch on felt system to your flat roof you can be rest assured that for 10 years you will have a warranty that gives you peace of mind,

Fibreglass Grp

Fibreglass Grp flat roofing is definitely made to last, being one of the toughest systems its suitable for even the most extreme weather conditions and once cured nothing will damage this product. 

Most popular flat roofs in dundee

Firestone Rubber
Torch On Felt

flat roofs around the dundee area


Garage flat roofs are extremely common and are one of the main types of flat roofs we replace in Dundee.


Flat roof extensions fitted with a new flat roof system are always insulated whilst carrying out the project, we can fit any of our systems to your flat roof extension in Dundee.


Flat roofs on dormers are a speciality of dundee roofers, we insulate the dormer roof while fitting the chosen roof covering for maximum energy efficiency and weatherproofing.

Maintaining your flat roof

Flat roofs are not the easiest type of roof to spot any problems with considering you have to be above them to see them, they are not like a pitched roof where you can see the condition of them from the ground and this is one of the main reasons that you should have your flat roof checked over annually. 

Problems can arise without any indication and by the time you know about them it may be too late, some examples are birds pecking at the surface, branches falling from trees, roof slates or tiles sliding onto the roof, all these issues can pierce or damage a flat roof and if its left too long water will penetrate the structure below. Once the water has came through its usually too late for a repair as the boarding and insulation tends to get soaked and swells up.

If a flat roof is maintained annually these issues are usually spotted and can be repaired before the need for a replacement roof is required. If your roof is leaking or if you would like to know more about flat roof maintenance get in touch by clicking the button below or calling our office on the number at the top of the page.

We also carry out all pitched roof repairs to tiled and slate roofs and install completely new roofs in Dundee.

Petr Czicinki
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Dundee Roofers contacted me during the bad storms after i left a request on their website, they were in touch within 2 hours and came the next day to give me a quote for replacing my roof and my flat roof on my house. The service and products were first class and my house looks like a brand new building, all of the staff were extremely friendly and went out of their way to make my installation as comfortable and hassle free as possible. I can say that if i thought this job was going to be a massive upheaval i was wrong, apart from the noise when my roof was being fitted from all the hammering this was a very smooth job and i will recommend to anyone to use Dundee Roofers..
Pauline Nisbet
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If I could leave a higher rating i would, i had a small roof repair done on my property which was causing a small leak but it was fixed within budget and on time and I'm extremely happy as my flat roof no longer leaks.
J Sellars
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This would've been a 5 star rating but they turned up 15 minutes late one morning, the driver explained they were stuck in traffic but I'm very particular about timing so it grated on me slightly, however, the workmanship whilst fitting my new Garage roof was fantastic, my son is a joiner and he reckoned that the workers done an amazing job fitting my new firestone rubber so timing aside I'm over the moon.